5 Ways to Boost your Chances to Win International Scholarships

Throughout the year, various scholarships are offered by educational institutions for international students,. These fellowships, scholarships, and grants are the best opportunities for aspirants to receive a professional education without any debt.

Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that you will be able to secure the scholarship. Luckily some best practices exist that can enhance the chances of international students to secure the top scholarships in countries like USA and Australia.

Read on further to know more about the five best practices that will enhance your chances to get your dream scholarship.

Be Inquisitive and Start Early
Almost for every international grant or scholarship, the Early Bird Mantra works most of the time. So, to win your dream scholarship, identify what subjects you want to pursue during your scholarship and start applying accordingly.
Pro Advice: Most educational institutions offer scholarship programs in early December, February, or fall, so be attentive in these times of the year and apply frequently.
Find The Best-Suited Options
Many educational institutions offer scholarships with diverse attributes, such as grants, fellowships, athletic scholarships, government-funded scholarships, etc. It is essential to contemplate one’s requirements before applying to any fully-funded program.
Pro Advice: Online portals such as WooStudy, offer scholarship matching services that filter scholarships for international students as per their criteria, interests, and requirements. So, applying through these portals can help accelerate the process.
Documents Checklist
After selecting the best-suited scholarships according to your subjects, interests, and requirements, the next most crucial step is the arrangement of the documents. To avoid any mishap, make a checklist of required documents for specific scholarships.
Pro Advice: While selecting students, numerous scholarship administrations regard the following factors:

    • Applicant academic majors (first degree, master’s degree or school leaving certificate, etc.)
    • All Transcripts.
    • Letter of recommendation (from academics or work)
    • Referee (university professor or employer)

These required documents are just the beginning of the scholarship application process. There are multiple rules, so be well organized in this regard.
Language Certifications (TOEFL, IELTS)
Most international institutions prefer applications with language certificates (TOEFL, IELTS), recognitions, or publications, so, to stand out from the crowd, attach all your certificates. These certificates are essential to boost your chances to win your desired scholarship.
Pro advice: Writing a perfect scholarship application is a labor-intensive process that requires detailed analysis. Make sure to collect all the information, targeted keywords, certifications, and facts before starting your application.
Academic Resume
An academic resume is a first and most significant filter for evaluation for all international aspirants. The CV exhibits candidates’ experiences aligned with specific requirements of the scholarship programs. A well-written resume not only makes you a professional and potential candidate but also increases the chances of winning the scholarships.
Pro Advice: Keep your academic resume short and specific. Use standard fonts, capitalize the most relevant information, and keep data in chronological order.

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