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Newly Discovered Colleges & Universities 80%
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Schools' Recruitment Objectives Met 100%


The use of automation reduces the time, effort, and cost required for schools and students to connect with each other.

The use of chatbots ensure that students and schools can connect with each other seamlessly.

Access on-campus education as well as E-learning courses via the WooStudy ed-tech platform.

Schools can set up email marketing campaigns with a single click and reach out to thousands of interested students.

WooStudy aims to cut down on the costs incurred by schools and students while finding each other.

Start Using WooStudy in three simple steps

We work hard to minimize your recruitment and school searching costs, all the while saving your resources and money through our automation-enabled marketing services and chatbots.
We aid academics in setting up marketing campaigns to advertise their courses, degrees, and other educational materials to students all over the world.
We offer online academic & career counseling to students through our social media channels.
We simplify the student recruitment process by our database of active and qualified potential students worldwide.
We help students navigate dips in enrollment and weather fluctuations in the socio-political climate-related challenges which affect the current academia.

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