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Design and launch your online course


The use of automation reduces the time, effort, and cost required for schools and students to connect with each other.

The use of chatbots ensure that students and schools can connect with each other seamlessly.

Access on-campus education as well as E-learning courses via the WooStudy ed-tech platform.

Schools can set up email marketing campaigns with a single click and reach out to thousands of interested students.

WooStudy aims to cut down on the costs incurred by schools and students while finding each other.


Find Schools Not On Your Radar Yet

Tap into the most comprehensive school database for free and filter by majors, course offerings, ratings, & more.

Ask Questions Directly To School Admins.

WooStudy is the only platform that gives you a direct channel to every school to chat with them before applying.

Stay Engaged & Find The Perfect School

Stay engaged with your potential schools by following them on social platforms from inside WooStudy.

Meet Admission's New Best Friend

Tap into our database of active and qualified potential students then reach out to hundreds in the click of a button.

Your Marketing & Media Team's New Secret Weapon

Stay relevant on a global scale at a fraction the cost of traditional advertising or marketing channels.

A Dean's Marketing Comfort Zone

The best way to market your particular program or school to students who show an interest in your unique curriculum.


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