Top 10 International Student Loan Providers

Most students who do not receive or qualify for any international scholarships look around for financial assistance in the form of student loans. Even after getting scholarships, it is a prerequisite for students to provide financial proof before starting their universities/schools abroad. Student loans are the saviors, but non-US citizens are not eligible for federal student loans. No need to panic! WooStudy has got you. After extensive research team WooStudy has identified different viable options through which any international student with limited finance can attain their dreams of studying abroad.

The two most reliable ways by which international students can get financial assistance without any hassle are:

Applying to Community Colleges

Community colleges, also called junior college, is two-year school that delivers affordable post-secondary education as a pathway to a four-year degree. Most U.S. community colleges are authorized by (SEVP) (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) and have national accreditation.
In recent years, community colleges are getting popular among international students. Some perks include affordability, small class sizes, and personal assistance. Hence, community colleges are the most affordable ways to start your educational journey in the US. The cherry on the top is these colleges offer financial aid too.
Most community colleges offer two-year associate degrees in multiple disciplines like history, science, math, politics, arts, and many more. But these colleges do not award four-year bachelors’ degrees. International students planning to continue their studies in the United States can further apply to a professional college or opt for a job with an associate certification.

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Get Financial Assistance from International Student Loan Providers

Several international student loan providers are available for non-US citizens pursuing education at a college or university in the United States. Aspiring students can avail of these loans opportunities to settle their college living costs like conveyance, hostel rooms, books, supplies, health insurance, and other expenses. Non-US resident students can get such loans all around the year. Private loan providers often offer flexible repayment terms, low-interest rates, no collateral, and a quick online applications process.

Requirement for Acquiring Student Loans
To qualify for international student loans, you need a cosigner who must be a US citizen or a permanent resident with a good credit score. However, some loan providers give loans to students without a US cosigner but with high-interest rates to lessen the associated risk.

How to Apply?
Before applying for a student loan, check the availability of loan providers who provide international student loans in your country and your educational institutions.

After finding a suitable loan provider, you can apply for the loan. The entire process is simple, and all you will need is to submit the required documentation. Commonly these documents include:

    • Identification proof
    • Proof of residence
    • Academic records
    • Valid passport & Visa
    • Proof of admission to your university
    • Extra-curricular certificates

Once your student loan application is approved, you will get notified of the interest rates (fixed or variable rate) and repayment terms. After agreeing with the terms and conditions, your loan application will get approved and funds disbursed. The entire procedure takes approx. 6 weeks to complete.

Caution! Before accepting funds or signing the document, consult an expert or read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any later inconvenience.

Top 10 International Student Loan Providers

Stilt offers a simple 4-step process for loan application. The minimum eligibility criteria are physical presence in the U.S. with a U.S. bank account in the borrower’s name and a U.S. address.

If you are looking for loan providers in North America, MPOWER is the best choice for you. Aspirants that fulfill the eligibility criteria of U.S. colleges or universities can apply for Mpower loans.

Prodigy Finance is the perfect choice for students seeking loans for an international master’s education in the US. The online application process is quick and feasible for all.

Citizen bank offers a three-step simple student loan application for international students who must be enrolled at least half-time in a degree-granting program at an eligible institution.

Ascent offers international student loans to graduate and undergraduate aspirants with and without a cosigner

Sofi offers the most flexible loan options. They give personal loans with the lowest interest rates, no hidden fees, and quick same-day funding.

College Avenue
College Ave offers a wide range of student loans with simple processes and flexible payment terms. Whether you are an independent parent, graduate, undergraduate, med student, or seeking employment opportunities, you are eligible to apply for College Ave loans.

Sallie Mae
They provide flexible repayment loans to international students via a simple four-step application process. Eligible students must be undergraduates, career training seekers, or graduates to apply for loans.

If you are looking for loan providers with the lowest interest rates, Earnest is the perfect choice for you. International students pursuing graduate, undergraduate, law, or medical degrees in the US are eligible for the loan.


LendKey also delivers the lowest interest student loans. Borrowers can check their eligibility by initiating a quick student loan application.

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