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What is the procedure to connect with woostudy.com as a student?

Just register yourself with some basic info and we will walk you through it. You just login, create your profile and let schools & teachers connect with you instantly.

How many courses I can enroll in?

There is no certain limit. It depends on the course in which you are want to enroll.

Can woostudy.com accept the online registration of teachers?

Yes, we accept online registration of teachers as well as students too.

Can students enroll themself free on woostudy.com?

Yes, students can enroll free of cost on woostudy.com. Student just sign-up for an account and get register yourself at woostudy.com

Can I enroll in a university on a specific course?

Yes, you can enroll yourself in the course you are interested in.

How we ensure that the university registers students?

You will get a message in your notification box and also you can get an email from us.

What kind of information demands woostudy from students to register?

You can simply register your email, contact number, your academic information, and the address. This information will help you to get admission and get connected with different institutes worldwide.

Our profile as students in woostudy is similar to Facebook or LinkedIn profile?

You can say that. It’s very easy to upload your profile picture, submit your qualification, email and address in woostudy.com.

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