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Top 5 Universities of United States

The study is the key to success there are many revolutions happened in the world but none of them is denied from the importance of education. In this high competition world, provides you a chance to get enroll yourself online in top universities of the U.S and start study instantly. We provide you a platform in which students, teachers, and institutions connect with each other online.

Here the list of top 5 universities of U.S:

University of Washington:

This one of the famous universities of America situated in Seattle, Washington. It is known as a public research university and offers various subjects like Research and experimental psychology, Finance, speech communication and rhetoric, Computer Science, Economics, Biochemistry, Sociology, etc.

California Institute of technology:

It is 2nd best university of world ranking 2020. It is situated in Pasadena, US. California Institute of technology is a science and engineering research university and also an educational institution. Many students and scholars around the come there are perform experiments and make new innovations.

Stanford University:

This university situated in Stanford, California, US. Stanford University students and teachers worked to improve the health of people. This university offers the graduation degree of Law, Business and medical, etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

It is a private research university situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. This is one of the best universities of the US with having different schools like Social Science, Management and Science, Engineering, etc.

Harvard University:

It is one of the oldest universities in the United States and situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard University is one of the best and famous universities of the U.S. It has 400 organizations on campus and its medical school connected with 10 hospitals.

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